Ayreon - The Source (2017)

From what started only as experimental project, Ayreon has now become one of most respected metal opera in the industry. One of the most waited as well. We have reach the ninth studio album of Ayreon, an 2017 release that simply called The Source. As we know, each album consisted of complex music in the spirit of metal opera with multiple story and plots. When I first listen to Ayreon, (it was The Human Equation album), it took days to fully grab the whole music. In short, when Ayreon album is coming up, it's a busy day in the office to write a review. (See The Theory of Everything review here)

Ayreon wouldn't be a metal opera without Arjen Lucassen Justice League-like recruitment. Arjen just picked the greatest musician in the list and put them in task to finish his album. Sounds pretty good. So, before reviewing the music, we should satisfied our eyes with a list of musicians invited here in The Source . As listed below, there are recurring characters such as James LaBrie as The Historian, Tobias Sammet, Tommy Karevik and so on. On the musician listed, we got a boost from big names such as Paul Gilbert. Seriously, this is kind of a blend between Arrowverse and Marvel universe when we can combine the world of Dream Theater and Mr.Big and Guthrie Govan, in one band.
    James LaBrie (Dream Theater) as The Historian
    Tommy Karevik (Kamelot, Seventh Wonder) as The Opposition Leader
    Tommy Rogers (Between the Buried and Me) as The Chemist
    Simone Simons (Epica) as The Counselor
    Nils K. Rue (Pagan's Mind) as The Prophet
    Tobias Sammet (Edguy, Avantasia) as The Captain
    Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian) as The Astronomer
    Mike Mills (Toehider) as TH-1
    Russell Allen (Symphony X) as The President
    Michael Eriksen (Circus Maximus) as The Diplomat
    Floor Jansen (Nightwish, ex-After Forever) as The Biologist
    Zaher Zorgati (Myrath) as The Preacher
    Arjen Anthony Lucassen - production, mixing, recording
    Yann Souetre - cover art and booklet
    Arjen Anthony Lucassen - electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, keyboards etc.
    Ed Warby - drums
    Joost van den Broek (ex-After Forever) - piano
    Ben Mathot - violin
    Maaike Peterse (Kingfisher Sky) - cello
    Jeroen Goossens (ex-Pater Moeskroen) - flute, wind instruments
    Paul Gilbert - guitar solo
    Guthrie Govan (The Aristocrats, ex-Asia) - guitar solo
    Marcel Coenen (Sun Caged) - guitar solo
    Mark Kelly (Marillion) - synthesizer solo
Now the music is based on one of Ayreon universe. This is believe to be the prequel to a storyline that ended in 01011001 album. Well, short of J.K. Rowling temptation to write Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them thing. By the way, we can simply ignore the narration and started enjoying the musics. Admit it or not, even though all the progressive metal band try to do something out of the box, they always sounds as what they are.  We kind of easily distinguished Arjen Lucassen works. His melody is prominent to acknowledged. The first couple of notes in the first opening song "The Day That the World Breaks Down" .already revealed who's the artist before we read the cover. This is not to say that the music will be repeating the work prior, but with this "limited exploration" come another 87 minutes of adventure.

The Source opened up with that song which last 12:56 minutes. The song simply divided in two big section that cut in the "01110100 01110010 01110101 01110011 01110100 01010100 01001000 00110001" lyric sung by TH-1 (Michael Mills). The second section of The Day That the World Breaks Down started with a nice bass grove with a lyric revealing more about the story. The second interesting point is in the song "Everybody Dies". This is kind of Queen cross over with Dream Theater breed. Jump to "All That Was", we got female voices in this song. All That Was is the real first de javu we have. I swear I listened to this melody before, a very good amnestic experience by composer Arjen. For those who love power metal, "Run! Apocalypse! Run!" is one of catchy tunes. The other song that having strong guitar riff can be found in "Aquatic Race". Then come "The Dream Dissolves" and most significant in "Deathcry of a Race" which having Jethro Tull-like flute tunes. "Into the Ocean" is very Rainbow-like of '80s hair metal sounds. Think this is one of my favorite from the album. In the final parts, after several "filler" songs, the last moment is in "Journey to Forever". The plot twister a mandolin sounds for sure. The album ended with "March of the Machines", a robotic sound song. The album very much ended in a hanging plot in the style of Game of Thrones. Or perhaps this should continued in one of Ayreon past album. I having confirmed it yet. See, a busy day in the office.

Imagine there is a metal version of La La Land. Ayreon's The Source is not only the La La Land of progressive metal, this is the Star War double trilogy of prog metal. There are enough music composition for every scenes and details. Even after passing nine studio albums, this album is in the same quality as their predecessor.  Grab this and listen to the story prior the destruction of human being, in the place far from solar system.

Metal Harem class : ********* nine stars out of ten

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Disc 1
1. The Day That the World Breaks Down
2. Sea of Machines
3. Everybody Dies
4. Star of Sirrah
5. All That Was
6. Run! Apocalypse! Run!
7. Condemned To Live

Disc 2
1. Aquatic Race
2. The Dream Dissolves
3. Deathcry of a Race
4. Into the Ocean
5. Bay of Dreams
6. Planet Y Is Alive!
7. The Source Will Flow
8. Journey To Forever
9. The Human Compulsion
10. March of the Machines


Aldaria - Land of Light (2017)

Just when we thought the metal opera genre is slowing down, here the new supergroup ALDARIA with their metal opera album Land of Light. Aldaria kind of marked a new wave of power metal band by bringing mostly new army on his belt. The project was initiated and created by Frode Hovd from Norway band, Memorized Dreams. The line up musicians included Roland Grapow, who produced the album. Names such as Mike LePond, Fabio Lione, Uli Kusch, Rob Lungren were listed. However when names such as PelleK, Tommy ReinXeed, Yannis Papadopoulos, Sigfried Samer and so on appeared, this is the other side of power metal forces that screaming to be heard in a project like metal opera.

Land of Light is a metal opera album, the concept are crystal clear in their website :

In the year 1247 AD, there was found an ancient scroll deep within a tomb below what once was the glorious city of Babylon. The scroll was believed to be written by our Creator Himself, describing a world yet unknown to mankind. These scrolls have, until this day, been kept hidden and locked up, deep within hallways below Rome.  

 The gospel speaks of Aldaria, a place and dimension between Heaven & Hell where the fallen are reborn as angels, and where the sinners come to be redeemed or forever banished to Hell.  Today we learn about these stories, the foundation of our existence, as there are signs of a darker time ahead. Reports from all around the world talk about torn and slain angels falling from the sky, each with a common warning: The darkness has found a way into Aldaria, where the Key to enter the Gates of Heaven has been hidden since beginning of time.   .... and so on

With that premises, we got an album that strictly followed what a traditional metal opera album should be. We got "Excitare Ad Lucem" as the intro, a Latinesque opening choir. The songs, and the finale that of course lasted ten minutes up, "Land of Light". The whole album is a combo between elements of Avantasia, Rhapsody of Fire, oldies Helloween and Dan Brown.

Aldaria Land of Light brings us the first serious metal opera album in 2017. This album supported by zillions of metal musicians. This album is as power metal as it can be, originality is never really their issue. You will listen tons of familiar riffs, song are quite straight forward. The strongest point in this album is about listening to our favorite singers and musicians working together constructed a story about angels and demons. Come and join the crowd in Land of Light.

Metal Harem class : 7.5/10 

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Aldaria - Land of Light (2017)

01. Excitare Ad Lucem
02. Another Life
03. Guardians of the Light
04. Sands of Time
05. Lost in the Darkness Below
06. Test of Time
07. Trail of Tears
08. Where Reality Ends
09. From the Ashes
10. Answers in a Dream
11. Land of Light

Guitars :
Frode Hovd (Memorized Dreams), Christer Harøy (Divided Multitude), Jimmy Hedlund (Falconer),
Roland Grapow (Masterplan), Eskild Kløften (Divided Multitude) ,Filip Koluš (Signum Regis)

Bass :
Rayner Harøy (Divided Multitude), Mike LePond (Symphony X) , Ronnie König (Signum Regis)
Filip Andel (Within Silence) ,Kenneth Skarsvaag (Memorized Dreams)

Drums :
Andreas Nergård (Nergard), Uli Kusch (ex Helloween), Robert Myrhaug (Memorized Dreams)

Mistheria (Mistheria), Peter Danielsen (Darkest Sins)
Gabriels (Gabriels) , Peter Crowley's Fantasy Dream

Fabio Lione (Rhapsody of Fire), Todd Michael Hall (Riot V), Rick Altzi (Masterplan)
Mathias Blad (Falconer), Jonas Heidgert (Dragonland), Tommy ReinXeed (ReinXeed)
Yannis Papadopoulos (Wardrum), Rob Lundgren, David Åkesson (Qantice)
Marit Minniva Børresen (Marit Børresen), PelleK, Bernt Fjellestad (Guardians Of Time)
Vasilis Georgiou (Sunburst), Sigfried Samer (Dragony),
Kristoffer Göbel (ex Destiny / ex Falconer), Mina Giannopoulou


Axxis - Retrolution (2017)

Although being a hard rock band since the '80s, Axxis must be the lesser known son of Germany heavy metal. They were first known with their debut album, Kingdom of the Night, which released in 1989. Along with Accept, Scorpions, Helloween, Blind Guardian, the scene is a bit too crowd for international fans to reach Axxis. I myself included. I should considered lucky as I introduced to Axxis just only in recent years. My last experiences with Bernhard Weiß (the vocalist) and friends was in their 2014 double album : Kingdom of the Night II. Those two was very fine albums for me and stay in my player list for so long. That mean the expectation to hear more in this new album is high. Retrolution, a wordplay for Retro and Revolution,  shipped out in January 2017. As the album title suggest, this should be Axxis doing what they best, a retro '80s melodic rock with  digital age revolution sounds.

A quick shout out, Retrolution is doing fine! The first track "Burn! Burn! Burn!" is simple hard rock song with catchy twang guitar riff. Axxis strongest asset is their song writings that are simply melodic and enjoyable. This song, and many incoming, are showcase of that. The second song "All My Friends Are Liars" is also excellent. The title is already creative, thus turn into memorable chorus that you might unconsciously sing out loud. Be careful not to hum this when you hang out with friends. "Dream Chaser" might started with very cliche keyboard motive, but this song represent all the trademark by Axxis. It's just a short verse and then we completely jump to the chorus, which is always sing-together-friendly. Of the more faster song, "Rock The Night" is the one with full blast and double kick drum. As for slow ballad, try "Queen Of The Wind". One of other thing best found in Axxis is the creative drum pattern. "Somebody Died At The Party" is the song that powered up with that tasty drum solo. This followed by "Heavy Metal Brother" , then the final song "Welcome To My Nightmare".

With Retrolution, I have extended my admiration for Axxis. This band simply always put out the best song written in melodic hard rock. Some new sound found in Retrolution is, there are a number of heavy pentatonic riff done with that rather country-sounds guitar. This album has definitely a significant different compared to their very previous "Kingdom of the Night II" album, that's for sure. So that is a lot of new enjoyment on this album. If you have yet listen to Axxis, this album will do for your introduction also. Come ye all heavy metal brother and welcome to my nightmare.

Metal Harem class : ********** nine stars out of ten

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Axxis - Retrolution (2017) 

01. Burn! Burn! Burn!
02. All My Friends Are Liars
03. Dream Chaser
04. Burn Down Your House
05. Rock The Night
06. The World Is Mine
07. Do It Better
08. Queen Of The Wind
09. Seven Devils
10. This Is My Day
11. Somebody Died At The Party
12. Heavy Metal Brother
13. Welcome To My Nightmare
14. Demons Dare To Stay [CD bonus]

    Bernhard Weiß - vocals (1988–present)
    Harry Oellers - keyboard (1988–present)
    Rob Schomaker - bass (2004–present)
    Dirk Brand - drums (2012–present)
    Stefan Weber - guitars (2015–present)


Place Vendome - Close To The Sun (2017)

AOR is always an interesting genre to listen. The genre mostly built up on rich melodic elements, played on mid-tempo setup. There is actually a typical AOR tempo, which is not so fast but just enough. The music is usually full of spirit, fit well into movie scenes also. Michael Kiske happened to be in one of this AOR based band. Place Vendome is unique project where bassist of Pink Cream spend his alternate world creating AOR album. In this Place Vendome exactly, Michael Kiske is the lead vocal assigned by Dennis Ward. They already produced at least four studio albums so far. Close To The Sun is their latest, as their most previous is Thunder In The Distance released in 2013 with Streets of Fire and Place Vendome earlier. See, even the album titles are fanciful phrases.

Close To The Sun is the same title for the opening song. It is quite a heavy one. Melodic intro in full force are our entrance to this song. One must admit that Michael Kiske's melancholic voices is just naturally fit into this genre. The song went smoothly for long time listener, thus if you already get to know Place Vendome on their previous albums, this one sounds exactly as one of their collections. In this album, the band invited several guest guitarists, just to take up the solos. Uwe  Reitenauer is the first soloist, he is kind of "resident" guitarist as he is played in Pink Cream also. The second song is rather trivial, "Welcome To The Edge". The thing is, the chosen vocal style may take us off the guard. Just listen to the thick bass voice that open the song. Even so, the song itself is a direct continuation to the first song. A typical AOR with interesting choice of singing.

"Hereafter" is enpowered with bit of progressive metal taste. The guitarist in lead is Simone Mularoni of DGM, a progressive metal band indeed. We will then calm the storm for a while with piano ballad "Strong". Immediately after that, we back to business with "Across The Times". The intro is excellent, as if the band is never lack a powerful melody. "Riding The Ghost" is based on hard rock guitar riff. On "Light Before The Dark" a long intro brings us to the next fantasy world. This is one of my favorite on this package, well writing structure with elements of neo-classical solos by Gus G.

There is also a point in the album where things taken slower, as in "Breathing" and "Yesterday Is Gone". A power ballad with lot of character singings inside. On the last part, is "Hellen", a very vintage '80s AOR feel song.

Overall, Close To The Sun is very well written album. Though I enjoy Place Vendome very first album the most, this one may be called the second best of their discography. One thing need to caution, Close To The Sun is much more heavy, more metal than before. The addition of guest soloist could be the reason, they brutalize the song a lot. It's nice to see the band keep the quality consistent for each albums. Lastly, the two other members also deserved praises, Gunter Werno is imaginative keys player. While the drummer, Dirk Bruinenberg is doing his second Place Vendome album and successfully integrated. On top of those, this album is strongly attribute to Michael Kiske appearances.

Place Vendome - Close To The Sun (2017)
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1. Close To The Sun (4:32)
2. Welcome To The Edge (4:30)
3. Hereafter (4:26)
4. Strong (4:49)
5. Across The Times (4:51)
6. Riding The Ghost (3:57)
7. Light Before The Dark (4:11)
8. Falling Star (4:50)
9. Breathing (4:43)
10. Yesterday Is Gone (4:33)
11. Helen (5:00)
12. Distant Skies (5:28)
13. Strong (Orchestral Version) (Japan Bonus Track) (3:19)

Michael Kiske - Vocals
Dennis Ward - Bass, Rhythm Guitars
Uwe Reitenauer - Rhythm Guitars in "Welcome To The Edge", "Across The Times", "Close To The Sun", "Hearafter"
Gunter Werno - Keyboards
Dirk Bruinenberg - Drums
Guitar Solos :
Michael Klein on "Yesterday Is Gone", "Distant Skies", "Strong", "Breathing".
Uwe Reitenauer on "Close To the Sun"
Alfred Koffler on "Welcome To The Edge"
Magnus Karlsson on "Falling Star"
Gus G. on "Light Beyond The Dark"
Simone Mularoni on "Hearafter"
Mandy Meyer on "Helen"
Kai Hansen on "Riding The Ghost" and "Across The Times"

Produced by Dennis Ward

Place Vendome Close To The Sun album review


Musicians Death in Curse of 2016

As tribute to the most recent celebrity death, George Michael on Dec 25th 2016, here a list to notable musicians who passed away in 2016. The so called Curse of 2016 included David Bowie, Nick Menza, Prince, and so on.

List of musicians, composers, celebrity deaths in 2016 :

27 December Carrie Fisher 60, actress for Princess Leia of Star War

25 December George Michael, 53, British singer (Wham!) and songwriter ("Careless Whisper", "Last Christmas") 

25 December Alexandro Choir, the Russian Red-Army choir and ensemble. Their plane crashed into Black Sea, with assumption more than 60 choir and band member reportedly on board and become victims.

24 Dec Rick Parfitt, 68, British singer, songwriter and guitarist (Status Quo), infection.

18 Dec Zsa Zsa Gabor, 99, Hungarian-born American actress (Moulin RougeTouch of EvilLili) and socialite, heart attack.

7 Dec Greg Lake, 69, English singer and musician (King Crimson, Emerson, Lake & Palmer), cancer.

5 Dec Adam Sagan, 35, American drummer (Circle II Circle, Into Eternity), lymphoma

31 July Mike Mohede, 32, Indonesian singer, heart attack.

27 July Einojuhani Rautavaara, 87, Finnish composer, complications following hip surgery

25 August Eddy Silitonga, 65, Indonesian singer.

20 August Tom Searle, 28, British musician and guitarist (Architects), cancer

28 June Scotty Moore, 84, American guitarist (Elvis Presley)

21 May Nick Menza, 51, German-born American drummer (Megadeth), heart failure.

25 April Remo Belli, 88, American drummer, developed the synthetic drumhead (Remo), complications of pneumonia.

21 April Prince, 57, American musician, songwriter and actor, Oscar (1984) and Grammy (1984, 1986, 2004, 2007) winner, accidental overdose of fentanyl.

16 March Frank Sinatra, Jr., 72, American singer (That Face!) and actor (Hollywood Homicide), heart attack

14 January Alan Rickman, 69, English actor (Harry Potter, Die Hard, Love Actually), pancreatic cancer.

10 January David Bowie, 69, English singer-songwriter, musician ("Space Oddity", "Heroes", "Starman"), and actor (Labyrinth, Zoolander), liver cancer.

5 January Pierre Boulez, 90, French composer and conductor.


Ultimate List of Metal Christmas Albums

Yes, they are huge list of heavy metal, hard rock, shredding guitars that jamming on the Christmas tunes! This is the (kind of) ultimate list of never-ending christmas / holiday song packed in these albums.

- Merry Axemas - A Guitar Christmas (2005) and More Guitar Christmas 
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A christmas guitar instrumental songs done by the guitar heroes of our time. Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Steve Morse, Jeff Beck, Neal Schon, Steve Lukather, Zakk Wylde etc. This is a must have album for guitar maniac.

- Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Trilogy (1996-2004)
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Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO) is legend-wait-for-it-ary project that really put christmas tunes into super awesome form. TSO arranged at least three full christmas / holiday albums with guitar solos and symphonic as their forefront compositions. The albums contained their first release : Christmas Eve and Other Stories (1996), The Christmas Attic (1998), Beethoven's Last Night (2000), The Lost Christmas Eve (2004) and newer albums.

- Steve Lukather - Santa-Mental (2003)
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Steve Lukather and friends doing christmas album. The "friends" are : Jeff Babko, John Piere, Gregg Bissonette, Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, Slash, Edgar Winter, Trevor Lukather, Simon Philips, Mike Landau etc. All packed in this creepy cover looking holiday album.

- A Proggy Christmas by the Prog World Orchestra (2012)
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This is a Christmas project featuring Neal Morse , Mike Portnoy, Steve Morse, Randy George etc. This is the most proggy christmas album circulating around the world. Prepare to be blown away...

- Jethro Tull Christmas Album (2009)
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Ian Anderson, well, Jethro Tull doing christmas concert. These arrangement heavily involved Ian legendary flute playing. They are folk-prog-hard-rock in it!


Freedom Call - Master of Light (2016)

They were described as flower metal, happy metal by audiences. Freedom Call had been in this territory ever since their first debut in 1999. Since then, the band had released nine albums, Master of Light is their latest in 2016. Master Of Light falls right between this category as well. Songs are as pompous as ever. In the meantime, Chris Bay and friends try to insert fresh elements also.

In mastering the flower metal, the album first track "Metal is for Everyone" is really  for every (flower) metal lover. The song is grander with their bold opening chorus. This tune can be line up to any Freedom Call catalog and fans will not divided between Trump or Hillary to called this their trademark. As mentioned before, the band try their best to bring new ideas. The percussion-like interlude in the middle is kind of strong idea in this effort. "Hammer of Gods" started with melodic intro, typical to their arsenal. The formula with catchy chorus line is the best way to start another boastful tune, as in "A World Beyond". For the title song "Masters of Light", the band decided to start calmly. Yet they always find a way in bringing the storm to the daylight. Another melodic intro is for "Kings Rise and Fall". "Cradle of Angels" is acoustic ballad in spirit. The remaining of the song notable to mentioned is in "Ghost Ballet". "Rock the Nation" is a flower-ed rock tune.

Master Of Light is another flowery delivery from Freedom Call. The whole package can be sing together with good old friends and beers, as all songs are design to be enjoyed in this situation. Chris Bay sings as epic as before. The guitar works is more simple compared to their "younger" years, yet sufficient to metalized everything. We still enjoy the works of two long-time friends of Freedom Call, Lars Rettkowitz in guitars and Ramy Ali in drum. Compared to their two last albums,  Master of Light is unchanged in their retorika will full of "for everyone..." words. Talking about band consistency, Freedom Call is one of that band that happy with their direction. In short, Master of Light is another touchdown continuation in Freedom Call world.

Metal Harem class : ******** eight stars out of ten

Freedom Call - Master Of Light  (2016)
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1. Metal is for Everyone
2. Hammer of Gods
3. A World Beyond
4. Masters of Light
5. Kings Rise and Fall
6. Cradle of Angels
7. Emerald Skies
8. Hail the Legend
9. Ghost Ballet
10. Rock the Nation
11. Riders in the Sky
12. High Up

Chris Bay (vocals, guitars)
Ilker Ersin (bass)
Lars Rettkowitz (guitars )
Ramy Ali (drums)

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